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Barry - Round Rock, TX  

I cannot imagine a more effective, or more caring, therapeutic relationship than the one I have with Stewart. In the distant past I'd had some truly horrendous therapy experiences, but a couple of years ago when I found myself desperately needing effective counsel, a friend recommended Stewart. From day one he demonstrated not just that he genuinely cared, but that he was willing to go beyond his regular office hours to ensure that I got the help I needed. With Stewart's assistance, I can say that, today, I am an almost entirely different, and considerably better and healthier, person. I now feel like I am in control of my life, and that's not a feeling that I was much familiar with before Stewart. Even though I consider myself happy and healthy, I won't stop seeing Stewart. He got me on the best track of my life, and he's going to help keep me here.      


Tim - Austin, TX

Stewart may push your buttons but is honest and open about working on "the issues".  He cares about his clients, and goes the extra mile to work with them.  Great on a couple basis and equally caring for individual therapy.

L S. - Austin, TX

Stewart doesnt sit there with that dazed therapist look. He actually listens and interacts! He demonstrates he cares and is very effective in his approach. I have gone through a few other therapists that left me feeling more frusterated and helpless over the same situation. I feel I am finally getting good insight results.

Jennifer - 
Round Rock, TX

I love Stewart. LOVE HIM. He listens, but he doesn't take sh*t. He is by far the best marriage counselor ever, but he is more of an amazing therapist. I was in a horrible marriage - my husband at the time was controlling, constantly thought I was cheating (to a crazy point), had pushed me a few times in clubs for nonsensical and made up reasons, and was mentally and emotionally abusive - we had been married only 5 months. I insisted we seek counseling and a girlfriend of mine called Stewart and got us an appointment last minute, even though he was apparently booked solid. My former husband and I saw Stewart once and separated in Stewart's office. Stewart pointed out, very honestly, that it wasn't going to work. Nothing could make it work. My ex had cheated the day before counseling (told me in the office) and was a grade A a**hole to me in front of Stewart and I was just falling apart at the seams. That may sound like he failed as a counselor, but in reality, if he only wanted money or was truly a bad counselor, he could have tried to convince us to make it work and continue marriage counseling. Stewart saved me from a life of heartache and mental abuse. Steward called me shortly after our initial failed marriage counseling session and offered to officially be my therapist. He helped me through my ex stalking me and endless other high drama (including my ex stealing my cat). Stewart was there 100% of the time and was fully supportive and was downright hilarious. When I needed to call him, I could, and going through that really dark time, he heard from me often. He pushed me to open up to him and was there for me when I was just a blubbering sack of emotions and anguish or calmed me down when I was enraged by the situation. When I was convinced my ex was my world, Stewart reminded me of his behavior in the office and brought me back to reality. I was a handful.

After seeing Stewart regularly and dealing with my emotional times and trust issues, I was able to successfully move on into healthier relationships and just be totally happy - I am married to an amazing man now and we have a beautiful daughter, I feel it would not have ended up this way without Stewart.  I firmly believe a true therapist helps you when you need it most and saves you from yourself.


Matt - Austin, TX   

Stewart is an amazing therapist. He is incredibly compassionate, kind-hearted and does not judge. He is also blunt and gets to the point.  He will be honest with you. And he will help you. You will know right away if he is for you (i.e. you will not need weeks or multiple session to find out). I can't say enough good things about him. He has helped me immensely. If you want help, Stewart is for you.

Jamie - Austin, TX

Stewart is an amazing person to have on your team. His knowledge and ability to use it make for a wonderful and productive experience. His high standards and integrity are just some of the things you grow to love about this genuinely great guy. I think I will keep him around for many years to come.




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